[S] Table by STUDIO IDE

[S] Table by STUDIO IDE

The [S] Table was created as a site-specific piece. However, it may exist in any social context as a “third wheel” of sorts. Its formal expression is created via two parts that interact together ...

p-house Interior Design by Tamizo Architects Group

p-house Interior Design by Tamizo Architects Group

p-house interior design, in Łubki by Tamizo Architects Group. Useable area 380 square meters. [gallery] Read

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) 2010

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) 2010

The 26th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou)("CIFF") is to be held concurrently with Homedecor + Hometextile China 2010 at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China on September 3rd-6th, 2010. Focusing on the ...

Kinea Bathroom Collection by Massimo Iosa Ghini – Teuco Production

Kinea Bathroom Collection by Massimo Iosa Ghini – Teuco Production

Text from Iosa Ghini Associati: Bathtubs, Wash-Basins and Ceramics … bearing the signature of Iosa Ghini Teuco presents their new Kinea bathroom collection, created by Architect and Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini. Ever inspired by ethereal ...

Stone Designs in Maison & Objet

Stone Designs in Maison & Objet

From Stone Designs Team: Hi everyone!! We start this new year 2011 with a lot of projects and with more energy than ever!! And there is no better way to begin the year than ...

How to Select The Right Air Conditioners for your Home

An air conditioner is a machine which transfers humidity and heat from inside the house to the external environment therefore providing a cool and comfortable internal atmosphere through circulation of the cool air.


Generally, there are four or so different types of air conditioners which are used in our homes and buildings. They are:

he Split AC: This type of air conditioner has got two parts which are the indoor and outdoor unit. As the names imply, the indoor unit has got a coil for cooling as well as the fan for cooling and is generally used indoors whereas the outdoor unit is usually fitted outside and has got components like the expansion valve, the condenser and the compressor. To know more download the brochures from here

The Window AC: This kind of air conditioner is most commonly used in those houses that have got single rooms. Its components include the expansion valve, cooling coil, condenser, compressor and they are all enclosed together in one box. It is said to cool about a hundred sq ft.

The Packaged AC: This type of air conditioner is used in those homes that have got several rooms because it has the ability to cool several rooms at a go. It has a blower that is of high capacity which enables the cool air is blown through the ducts that are laid in various house rooms.

Central AC System: This is the kind of air conditioner you find in big buildings whether they are hotels, theaters, cinemas etc. The huge compressor in the Central AC gives it the capacity to blow very many air conditioning tons. It is said to cool 1 ton of every 500 sq ft.

When the Ladder Strikes Back

On the face of it, the world of DIY may not appear to be a dark and dangerous place. In our dreams we conjure up images of cheery, mild-mannered guys sporting tool belts and a can-do attitude, leaving nothing but quality workmanship and competence in their wake. But then we wake up to the real nightmare.

The truth is that DIY can be a dangerous activity and should be approached with extreme caution. Yes, really. One of the chief reasons for emergency admissions at hospitals is DIY disasters. Broken limbs, smashed thumbs, concussion and worse, are all part of the package in DIY world.

Power tools and equipment cause most injuries that befall unsuspecting DIY fans. Familiar with that old saying about a bad workman blaming his tools? Well, it’s accurate in this particular scenario. Power saws, ladders, hammers, welding equipment, nail guns and drills are all lying in wait for their next victims, the easy pickings of the DIY enthusiasts. To a neutral onlooker, the lesson seems to be, Do it yourself – if you can afford the medical bills…

We need to wise up here. If trying a little home improvement is so dangerous, perhaps we should be calling in experts for the job? Wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run, to engage the services of a true home maintenance professional?

Most people enjoy spending time relaxing in the garden. But beware; don’t relax too much, because danger lurks between the shrubs and trees. Whether it’s falling out of trees (sawing the branch they are standing on, possibly?), an accident with the tractor mower, pruning their fingers or slicing their toes with a spade – accidents will happen.

And it’s not just the personal injuries to our bodies and pride that need taking into consideration. There are the costs involved in DIY disasters that directly affect our homes. They are our biggest assets and as such we should be protecting our homes from unreasonable risk.

Every weekend it seems that eager DIY fans launch themselves into jobs and tasks without any consideration of the possible outcome. Here in the Boston burbs it’s just the same. Saturday mornings ring out with the sounds of sanders, drills, lawn mowers and chainsaws – the contended buzz of home improvers, happily brandishing power tools in the name of progress. Unfortunately, the statistics paint a grim picture and a lot of those keen workers may have a visit to the hospital in their future if they don’t take extreme care. It seems that all judgment flies out of the window when it comes to DIY tasks and naively we always expect the best and never prepare for the worst.

Dare to be Bold Living Rooms

It’s the most frequently used room in the house, a room for relaxing in, a room for entertaining—but that doesn’t mean a living room should focus on being inoffensive. Rather, this is a room that’s all about the character of its owners, a room that can really make a statement. Bold decoration in the living room conveys confidence and energy and a real sense of style. There are lots of ways to bring a room like this to life.

Thrill with a theme

Going all the way with a strong theme can give a room real impact. Whether it’s the sleek black, white and chrome of early minimalism, the bold color combinations and clean lines of ‘sixties modernism or something more obscure, such as a South American theme with everything from terracotta to giant cacti, a theme can look amazing if approached with real commitment and an unwillingness to compromise. Don’t forget to think about the ceiling, floor and window arrangements.

Wow with the walls

Too many rooms are left to languish in boring neutral colors simply due to a lack of imagination. Using bright colors on some or all of the walls really adds personality and can work much more effectively than many people anticipate. Large print wallpaper patterns can also look stunning—everything from floral patterns to elegant swirls to stripes—and plain walls can be enlivened with big mirrors or dramatic pieces of art. Decals are also an option, and stencil sets make it easy to paint right onto the wall in any color that appeals.

Light up your life!

Although many people today are well educated about home design, and often have great taste in furniture and interior features, many have no idea how easy it is to lift a room instantly, naturally, and at very low cost, using just one element of the room.

That element is natural light.

Daylight is of fundamental importance to life – human beings need it to produce Vitamin D in the body. Furthermore, nothing lifts the mood and revives the spirits like natural light. Perhaps that is why the Scandinavians, who are admired worldwide for their design prowess, use lots of light, bright wall colors and mirrors in their decor – to bounce the light around the room.

So what can be done to increase the amount of natural light in a home?

Lighten up

Some rooms seem dark and oppressive, even if there is actually abundant natural light. Usually, this is because the interior decor and furnishings are dark and heavy. In order to maximize light, wall colors should be light, ideally soft shades or even paler. The same goes for window dressings, furniture covers, cushions, wood (for example that used in furniture or accessories) and carpets/rugs. Light and bright is the order of the day – for colors and for materials.

Window dressings

Window dressings are probably the most important aspect of bringing light into a room. Obviously, any curtains or blinds should be light in color and form, but the best possible way to draw in the sunlight is to remove any opaque barrier between the room and the outside world.

A great way to do this is with shutters – although they give good heat insulation and window coverage at night, they can be thrown open during the day, leaving the windows free for the daylight to flood in. There is a distinct design trend towards the use of shutters right now, and any property can be catered for – homeowners can even buy custom shutters.

If privacy is an issue, frosted or etched glass can be used in a window with or without shutters, or consider an alternative window treatment such as a venetian or roman blind. Clearly, however, the less obstruction there is between the window and the room, the better.

The Meaning Of Colour and its Benefits to a Room.

Colour Wheel

When interior designers consider the colours that they going to use in a room a lot of thought actually goes into it. Maybe you would like to add energy to a room or perhaps calm the energy down in a hectic room, colour will enable you to do this. Below are certain that colours that Buy-Sofas-Online.co.uk recommend you choose that will enable you to create a truly balanced room through colour.

Orange: Believe it or not the colour orange enables you to expand your thinking and gives you confidence. The colour enables you to express yourself and many people introduce it into their home because it makes them feel younger. We associate orange as the colour of celebration and laughter so introduce it into your home today for a splash of fun. You don’t have to have a lot of it in your room if you think that it is too loud a colour, perhaps introduce it in a small way, such as in alcoves or on a fireplace. The colour orange stands for creativity.

Dark Blue: If you are thinking of introducing royal blue into your room then this shows that you are a person that likes order. It stands for efficiency and allows you to purify your thoughts. Deep blue allows you to make important decisions, but again you don’t have to have it everywhere in a room, simply add it through a lampshade or basket within the room to reap the benefits.

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PUZZLE TABLE is not an usual table / by KUB


We could say that it’s not just a table… Designed by architect Alberto Dias Ribeiro of A2OFFICE, this object consists of five distinct parts: a combining core and 4 removable components. Altogether there are 125 cubes, all equal, which are part of a larger cube.
It is a signed piece, handcrafted, in a close connection between creator and performer.

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Fortune Woods Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is classic, timeless and reliable and when it comes to choosing the ideal oak collection for your home, Fortune Woods has everything to offer. From beds to wardrobes, dining tables to bookcases and desks to sideboards, you’ll find it at Fortune Woods. There are eight completely unique ranges to choose from, each featuring different shapes, shades and finishes, so no matter what your home decor, you’ll find the furniture to match. Strong, sturdy and hardwearing, each piece is carefully crafted from only the finest cuts of American oak to feature all the beauty of natural grains and blemishes.

If you’re looking for traditional shapes with a rustic finish then the Country range is for you. These pieces combine straight lines and smooth edges with a brushed oil finish to complement warm decor and create a comforting, homely feel. The drawers are fitted with dovetail joints through time-honoured techniques and curved, brass-coloured handles add that extra note of elegance and charm. Brighten up your bedroom with the Country oak dressing table, with a mirror and stool to match or for that truly traditional touch, consider the Country oak blanket box.

For lighter shades of wood and a more modern feel, the Milano or Tavistock ranges are for you. The pieces in these collections feature squared-off edges and a smooth, blemish-free finish for that understated, contemporary look. Curved metal handles add grace to the Milano drawers while the Tavistock range combines traditional large oak knobs with straight and contemporary, cube shapes. Choose from the elegant Tavistock coffee table and TV unit to match or spruce up your dining room with a Milano extending table and glass door dresser.

If you’re looking for pieces that ooze glamour and really stand out then the Bordeaux collection is perfect. These designs take inspiration from France to inject an air of allure and sophistication into your home. With a lacquer finish, dovetail joints and a warm tone, the pieces retain a traditional look while delicate shapes and rustic metal handles add that touch of prestige. Make a grand impression on your guests with the majestic Bordeaux dining table and chairs or opt for the gorgeous Bordeaux bookcase to store all of your favourite reads.

Fabric vs. leather sofas – finding a sofa that lasts

Choosing a sofa can be a fairly big task, as whatever you choose, you’ll want it to be a fixture of your home for years to come. As the centrepiece of most living rooms, you want your sofa to be comfortable, to look great and most importantly, to last. Once you’ve established the size you need: two-seater, three-seater, corner, etc., the next big decision is usually the style, which begins with weighing up fabric sofas versus leather sofas. So, when you’re shopping for sofas, just remember to consider the four Cs:


Fabric sofas can be also be easily hoovered clean; and they do fare better than leather sofas if you have a cat that likes to scratch! They also often have removable covers that can be professionally cleaned or simply put in the washing machine to freshen up them up. Although they provide a sleeker, more modern look, any damage to a leather sofa is there to stay, and rips or tears in the fabric are fairly inevitable over time.


One of the downsides to choosing a leather sofa is that the colours are often a lot more restrictive. The material primarily lends itself to neutral shades like black, cream and brown, complementing minimalist décors best. Fabric sofas, on the other hand, have a much wider choice of colours and patterns – so if you’re looking for a sofa to liven up the room, then fabric will be the better choice.